Impact Snap

Last update was on: March 23, 2019 12:29 am

The impact snap is a revolutionary training aid for golf and reinforces the rights motion of the golf club to impact and correct timing of the release. Impact snap trains you the correct motions of the wrists and forearms and allows you to hit balls more accurately and consistently. Impact snap is both available for left-handed and right-handed players. The product is not readily available outside the USA yet, although limited shipping options are available.

Impact snap device

The impact snap device allows you to learn how to properly use your wrists in a golf swing you can use impact snap both for chipping, pitching and full swing. The impact position is the key to consistency. A majority of golfers who use their wrists incorrectly during the golf swing slip, roll or cast their hands and through impact break their wrists down. There are three moves to perform to get into the right impact position.

  1. Lead forearm supination / trail forearm pronation.
  2. Lead wrist flexion / trail wrist extension
  3. Ulnar deviation in both wrists to snap downwards.

You will be able to train these moves fast and you will be able to hit your strengths consistently and without damaging your wrists.

Impact snap reviews

We have not yet had the chance to try the impact snap ourselves. We have used many training aids over the years and we can imagine that this is a terrific tool to improve your golf swing consistency. We like to use Amazon for our product refuse to get a general feel of what actual users are thinking of the product. In general, the impact snap is very well-received with 4/5 stars. Impact snap reviews are generally positive and people say it is the “best training aid ever used” and “great idea“. There is one user who bought the products to help with his general swing however it cures his/her chipping yips as well. With over 70 reviews of the product, we highly recommend to have a look at yourself and to see whether this is something, you would be interested.

As far as we are concerned, training aids help you to improve your game on their own time and without having to spend money on a tutor.

According to the manufacturer, the training aid device was the 2016 and 2017 winner of the Golf Digest best training aid.