How to grip a golf club

How to grip a golf club? It seems a simple question, but there is not one right answer. There are several common errors but we will try to help you get it right, every time. It is said that you grip your golf club around hundred times per round and having a correct golf grip will allow you to hit the ball consistently and in the right manner.

How to grip a golf club?

At its core, you simply grip the club in the palm and fingers of your hands. If you are looking for the ideal neutral grip you need to make sure that your left thumb is positioned just right off the center of the grip. Place your right hand by gripping with the middle two fingers and forefinger, you need to make sure that your right thumb is sitting just left of the center. With a truly neutral grip you should be able to see two knuckles on each hand. If you cannot do this your grip is either too strong or too weak, this causes you to make contact with the ball with either an open or closed clubface. To ensure a proper and correct grip each and every time there are a couple of checkpoints you need to keep into account.


When it comes to positioning there are a couple of common errors you can make that are often seen by amateur golfers alike. Often people will hold the club too far up the grip, this results in a loss of control and crosses your swings and shots come out of the you of the club. Try to leave an inch between the top of your grip and the end of the club. Holding your club not too far up the grip will allow you to be more consistent with your shots.


If you feel pressure and tensions in your forearms it probably means that you are holding your grip to tightly. A too tight grip will not allow you to complete your shoulder turn completely causing tension in your forearms. A too tight grip is often seen when you are golfing under pressure and you should try to focus on soft hands and not to grip the club to tight. Try to do little exercises to alleviate tension, such as waggling you club every now and then.

Wrong size grip

it is important that your grip is the right size. It is easy to check your grip size simply by gripping your club with just your gloved hands. Try to place close attention to where the ends of your fingers are in relation to your palm. Normally they should be lightly touching each other. Your grip is too thin if your fingers are digging into your palm. If your fingers are not touching at all, it means that your grips are too thick. Having the wrong or incorrect grip size will mean that it will be more difficult to deliver the club squarely at impact. Often changing to the right size grip is all the changes you need to improve your golf swing consistency, tremendously. Hopefully, these tips will help you to learn how to grip a golf club more consistently.

Golf grip tape

Golf grip tape is used to re-grip a golf club. We believe that it is best to show by video on how to do it correctly. We highly recommend the complete the golf grip kit. We have used the complete golf grip kit with golf grip tape from the Wedge Guys is a fantastic tool to regrip your golf clubs. It includes high-quality golf grip solvent which works on all kinds of tape. For applying your golf grip tape correctly, the video below will show you all you need to know.