Golf alignment sticks

Improving and practicing the fundamentals of a proper golf swing is necessary for any golfer. Golf alignment sticks can help golfers of all ages and level to improve their golf swing. Many golfers don’t pay too much attention to their alignment but in fact, it might be the reason why they may be hitting their shots off-line. Shots that are hit well can still end up off target if the initial alignment is not correct. Furthermore, if left unchecked habits can form which allow the golfer to still hit their target while in fact, they are not properly aligned and as such they built develop that habits. Golf alignment sticks are an inexpensive tool that can improve your golf game for years to come. In particular, we have had great success with the swing alignment sticks by David Leadbetter. These are similar to the trading aids by touring professionals but only at a fraction of the cost. Using these sticks for training is a very cost-effective way off practicing.

How to use golf alignment sticks

For many people, it might be new to use golf alignment sticks and not everyone knows how to use these sticks. Essentially, you make an alignment station that serves as a reference point for you to stand. In its most basic form you will:
1) Place one alignment stick about the length of a club head, outside of the ball, directly pointed/aimed at the intended target.
2) The other alignment stick has to be placed parallel to the first stick and a few inches from your feet. You will stand outside of both sticks, with the ball laying in between the sticks.
3) With your feet set of parallel to both of the sticks and while you are in your normal swinging position, trying swinging and hitting some shots. If you feel that you are not facing the target with the right alignment, it is likely that you need to adjust your stance before a bad habit is formed.
In order to make sure you have the perfect golf alignment every single time you swing, you can find more detailed instructions into video below.

Golf alignment sticks drills

There are several ways golf alignment sticks can be utilized to help you improve your swing. With a little bit of imagination, there is no doubt you can find many uses for this training aid.

Drill #1 – Basic Alignment Drill

Without going into much detail, as the process is essentially described above, the basic alignment drill is as follows. You align up two parallel sticks to the ground, about 2 to 3 feet apart. You make sure that your body is parallel with the stick most in front of you and you place the ball just before the stick that is furthest away from you. Try to hit a few shots and see if you are on target or if you have an outside-in or inside-out the golf swing that is to blame.

Drill #2 Swing Plane Drill

There are not a lot of golfers that are precisely on plane. The majority of players swing outside-in while some swing inside-out. In order to find out which one of the two you are, this drill is perfect for you. You can find your swing plane by placing two alignment sticks in the ground around 6 to 8 feet apart at the angle of your shaft at setup. Before swinging make sure that your toes are placed even with the sticks. If, after some swings, you find that your club touches the rear stick on the backswing it means that you are flat and or are laid off. If you hit the front stick on the downswing it means that you are outside in and that you are fighting a slice. You know that you are on plane if your club shaft is parallel with the right stick at the halfway point of the backswing and is also parallel with the left stick at your finish.
More golf alignment sticks drills can be found in the video below.

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